What is Divorce Without Lawyers? Private membership group 

Divorce Without Lawyers is a private membership group that provides all the information and support you need to go through the divorce process from start to finish. Without spending thousands on legal fees. Membership costs just £30 a month. (That’s less than the average cost of one five minute call with a solicitor.) 

What You Get Divorce Without Lawyers Portal 

What You Get Divorce Without Lawyers Portal 

Inside the portal you’ll find a treasure trove of up-to-date, accurate information about the divorce process and reaching a financial settlement. We have also recently expandd the membership to cover child arrangements as well! 
Flowcharts for divorce, children and financial matters help you know where you are and where you’re going. 
Court forms you can download, complete with accompanying explanations expert to translate the legalese. 
Video trainings explaining court documents, universal key concepts, and updates when the law changes. 

Regular Live Q + As 

Whilst the information in the portal is expansive, sometimes you just need someone to explain things in plain English. That’s why I run a live trainings via Zoom for our members, allowing them to get clear and to ask questions to make sure they really get to grips with what’s happening. 
We’ll cover topics such as: 
What happens to pensions after divorce 
How to prepare for financial court hearings 
Completing your Form E (financial disclosure form) 
What happens to the family home when you get divorced 
How to deal with arrangements for the children 
And so much more 

And here’s the best part 

On our calls, you have the opportunity to ask me questions about the process, the procedure, where to go next, or just about anything else you don’t understand. And you get to ask these questions without having to pay an hourly rate as it’s all included within the membership. 
(Please note, the membership cannot give specific 1-1 legal advice on your case, although this can be arranged separately if required via a network of trusted qualified and practicing lawyers, and this will be charged individually by those lawyers) 

Facebook Membership Group 

Got a question, but can’t wait for the Q+A? Get your questions answered in the Divorce Without Lawyers Facebook Group. The group is only accessible to our members, so you can be safe in the knowledge that those who see your posts are also going through something similar. Whether you need to vent, shout, laugh, cry or celebrate when it’s all over, we’re here for you. I check into the group most days to comment on posts and answer your questions. 
I often invite professionals from my network — pension actuaries, mediators, life coaches, McKenzie friends, mortgage advisors and more, to take over the weekly Q&A. At no extra cost to you. 

Members Can Cancel Anytime 

We recognise that you might not need us for the full duration of your divorce, you might just want to deal with a particular aspect you are stuck on. With that in mind, there is no tying you into a six or twelve month contract here. You don’t want your divorce to drag on. I don’t want your divorce to drag on. Get in, get the info and, in the nicest possible way, get out.  
Ready to save thousands on your divorce? Join Divorce Without Lawyers today! 
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