Hi! I’m Ellie. I’m a lawyer, entrepreneur, and your divorce fairy godmother.  20+ years experience in Law 

After practicing family law for over twenty years, with a number of reputable firms, I was left feeling rather unfulfilled and uninspired. The traditional business model for divorce solicitors just wasn’t cutting it for me. Solicitor fees are expensive, and you end up paying for a lot more than just the advice you need. A large part of a divorce solicitor’s day is filled with administrative work. Form filling, sending and receiving emails, liaising with the court, agreeing to timetables, and reading through your financial documents.  
Of course we have to charge for our time, as that’s how law firms work, but you see how quickly that time adds up! Like most divorce lawyers, I chose my job because I wanted to help people through one of the most challenging times of their life. But for too many days I wondered why there wasn’t a better way. Why couldn’t my clients learn about the process themselves, and reach out as and when they hit a specific roadblock? Why did working with a lawyer have to be all or nothing? So I created Divorce Without Lawyers. In the first few weeks of 2020, I started out with just a few divorcees, generously putting their trust in my novel idea and logging into my online portal, which was much emptier than it is today. 

I believe you deserve a real person to help you through your divorce, not just a business person. 

I believe you deserve a real person to help you through your divorce, not just a business person. 

As an entrepreneur, I love the flexibility that owning my own business brings. I get to alter the menu whenever my clients ask for something a little different. 
As a divorcee myself, I can connect with people on a really deep, personal level. When I say that I know what you’re going through, I really mean it. 
When we chat, you don’t need to worry about watching the clock or asking too many follow up questions. You pay once at the start of the month, and absolutely everything is included. 

My Mission and Values 

Creating Community. One of my favourite parts of watching this membership grow has been the sense of community we’ve created. Where else can you post in a Facebook group about something you’re going through in your divorce, safe in the knowledge that one hundred others do, in fact, understand. 
I am here to serve you. Being a divorce lawyer for as long as I have, I like to think that I’ve seen and heard everything. That’s why I’m able to cover all sorts of scenarios in the weekly trainings. But every family and situation is different, and it could well be that I’ve missed something. You can contact me at any time and request a training topic, for me to record a separate video or upload something to the portal. I’ll do my best to adapt to suit your needs. 
Feel empowered through knowledge. I offer genuine care and support and want you to succeed through this journey. Feeling confident and knowledgeable is essential if you’re going to represent yourself in your divorce. There’s no way to do this by halves — you’re going to learn the steps and I’m going to help you. 

Ready to save thousands on your divorce? Join Divorce Without Lawyers today! 

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